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We started doing websites back in 1998, when webpages were mostly static, and music was just starting to find it's way onto our hard drives. Since then, a lot of things have happened on the web: the dotcom boom and crash, the rise of social networks, etc. We survived it all, and are still creating original frontends and developing efficient web applications.

We started as a business called dishost.com in 2004. We chose this field and our name because we were upset about the level of service in the web hosting industry, and we wanted to offer something different: quality rather than size. Since we were managing our own servers, we knew the amount of energy that they were using, and we started growing concerned about the impact we were having on the environment We wanted to make a difference. There was no way to get "clean" energy directly into datacenters (and building our own multimillion dollar datacenter has never been an option), we thus decided to compensate for the "dirty" energy that we were using. We started doing that with EAD Environmental, who was investing in wind farms in Kansas. A year later, we switched to 3 Phases. Those were all clean energy certificates from the US, but at that time, no option was available in Belgium. 3 Phases was investing in wind farms in California. We worked with them until the end of 2007, when we switched to a recently created local solution, CO2logic. They invest in different project, mostly biomass, but also wind turbines, all of it in India.

Along the way, our name changed to Naia (in 2006), mostly because we felt that dishost.com put too much focus on the hosting aspect of our company, when it actually was just a small part of it. Indeed, we have grown with the web, and today we can say that our experience allows us not only to build top level web applications, but most importantly, to propose an all inclusive web experience to our clients. Be it ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization), efficient ergonomics, standards' compliant usability, payment systems, intra or extra nets, localization, we speak and understand it all.

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